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No Kid Hungry/ Share Our Strength

No Kid Hungry/Share Our Strength


Share Our Strength started in the basement of a row residence on Capitol Hill in 1984, in reaction to the ’84-’85 famine in Ethiopia. Sibling as well as sis Bill and also Debbie Shore began the organization with the idea that everyone has a stamina to cooperate the international battle versus hunger and also destitution, and that in these shared staminas exist lasting remedies. Today we focus these toughness on making No Youngster Hungry a reality in America.

No child ought to mature starving in America, yet one in five youngsters has problem with cravings. Share Our Strength’s No Kid Starving campaign is finishing youngster hunger in America by ensuring all kids obtain the healthy food they need, on a daily basis.

The No Kid Hungry project attaches youngsters in demand with healthy food as well as teaches their households how you can prepare healthy, cost effective meals. The project likewise engages the public making finishing youngster hunger a nationwide priority.

We’re working to finish kid hunger in America by connecting kids to efficient nourishment programs like school breakfast as well as summer meals. This work is accomplished via the No Kid Hungry network, made up of civilians, federal government officials, magnate, and others offering innovative cravings solutions in their areas. These partners interact, applying solutions that damage down the obstacles that keep youngsters from healthy food.

No Kid Hungry campaign educates low-income households to extend their food budget plans so their kids get healthy meals in the house. Cooking Issues participants learn to shop tactically, use nutrition information to make much healthier food selections, as well as cook tasty, budget-friendly meals.

The No Kid Starving campaign works to beam a nationwide limelight on the crisis of child hunger in America, producing a powerful motion of individuals committed to vibrant action. We develop partnerships that get prominent people in the source as well as supporter plan changes had to accomplish our objectives.

Newborns in Need

Newborns in Need


Hardship or health problem touches the smallest infants and also family members end up being overloaded. Think of that during the fear, the despair and also a sense of “what do I do”, a registered nurse, a physician, a social worker, or a pal touches your shoulder as well as hands you a basket full of coverings, baby diapers, and infant clothing.

We pray that no mom has to hold a dying or stillborn infant in her arms, however it takes place in hospitals throughout our nation. Family members have a hard time as they wish to memorialize their youngster, yet are not prepared for the minute they never ever expected. Infants in Need offers a grieving household interment and bereavement garments as well as memento things for the children that shed their fight for life. The last memory the household will have is of the infant worn a lovely interment layette.

8 in 10 of these teens’ babies are unintentional and also Newborn babies in Need has dispersed countless dollars worth of donated and also bought child products with dozens of neighborhood community-based agencies and also companies.

We exist because Newborns in Need, comprised of volunteers throughout the USA, is dedicated to making certain that the teenager mom, the stressed household, the mommy overwhelmed in unhappiness is sustained in the first moments of the youngster’s life.

The “911” for babies, Newborns in Need is the company mobilized throughout the USA to offer child products to those families that need help. Raising understanding, opening up new phases, Newborns In Searchinged for believes that neighborhoods can and also will help each other if offered the car to do so. Whether crafted with passion by the hands of a volunteer or given away by others that comprehend we need to care for each various other, Newborns In Need has actually placed itself as the initial feedback for the child in crisis.

Giving for Children

Giving for Children



Most of us have our pet charities that we like, and also we discover time to give them what we could in the method helpful and donations. One prominent sort of charity is one that helps kids in need. Youngsters are innocent, as well as usually birthed right into circumstances that are not the best, however their parents do just what they can. This indicates that the generosity of complete strangers could imply the difference between starving and also having a great meal, or may suggest that Christmas is a satisfied time instead of filled with frustration.

Most are touched by kids in demand because they know the youngster not did anything to get themselves into their dilemma. They cannot assist exactly how they were born, or who they were born to. Not all parents are bad, some simply have misfortune, as well as they do the best they could with what they have. Often, that is simply insufficient. Children in demand are constantly happy, and also perhaps that is why a lot of assist those reasons as well. A lot of neighborhoods have numerous programs for kids, and they compose the majority of charities that many offer to each year.

One prominent charity for kids in requirement is Toys For Tots. Yearly, stores and also volunteers gather unopened toys to give to children in requirement in the instant location. I consistently try to buy some things to include the box. No kid needs to be without presents throughout the holidays, and also this is one that always touches me. It could not be as important as putting food on the table, but offering a child joy is something that should be unique to every person. They are always so thankful, even when they have little to be happy for.

When taking a look at various other charities for youngsters in need, do a little study. If it is a popular charity, you shouldn’t have anything to bother with. Your cash, however, is finest invested going to a charity that does not take a lot off the top for management purposes. Some cash needs to go to this, however it must not be a bunch of it. If you aren’t more than happy with the percentages, you are complimentary to provide your cash to another person. There are plenty of children in need around, and also plenty of charities that will assist them. You can feel free to discover the appropriate one so you know the money is going where it must be going.

The Children’s Social Needs Charity

The Children’s Social Needs Charity

Children are the most vulnerable groups being hard hit by the life’s unfavorable terms. Charities for the children are one of the best ways for you to give back your blessings. It also provides the avenue for instilling the value of sharing. There are several global organizations specifically gathering to the needs of less fortunate children. Some of these charities are forthright outstanding giving to the social misfortunes for the children.

We can distinguish the social needs of children as the basic needs that include food, save the childrenshelter, clothing and educational needs not forgetting their health. Consequently, global charities have come on board to support these needs. There are a number of organizations that concentrate on a specific need, for instance, provision of food or education. We are going to delve further on each of these situations and about contributing to such needs. Let’s start off with the basic needs charities! Organizations like & are just 2 that help children.

At the heart of the children’s social needs are the basic needs. The basic social needs for children include food, shelter and clothing. These are the number one needs before we even think of education and health because with an empty stomach, for instance, no charitable organization or individual will achieve much providing for education! This is the prime reason that most charitable groups are engaged in food, shelter and clothing charities.

As reiterated earlier, children are the most helpless individuals for hunger. Organizations like Feed the Children concentrate on providing feeds to sustain the lives of this vulnerable lot across the world. They provide life-saving foods and other aids for the starving children within the global reach. It is good to note that it is neither one continent, nation, tribe nor religions have starving children.

poor childrenOther compassionate missions are contributing towards providing clothing. Providing clothing is usually in the form of what children wear. Clothing can also go with the weather. Organizations provide for warmth to the children through clothing.

The need for housing, on the other hand, refers to not only formal housing but also the infrastructure related to it. Most of them have no latrines, and their sanitation systems are detrimental to their health. What is more? Talk about the children living in slums. Slums are in fact described by the United Nations as informal settlements hazardous to inhabitants and specifically focus on the health of children within. Without proper housing and waste disposal systems, you will find children catching diseases like diarrhea, and medical toxins from the polluted environment can seriously harm their health. Contributing towards housing really is a noble cause.

On the extreme side of the basic needs are the street children and the orphaned that are completely deprived of what it takes to see tomorrow. For this reason, charities for children’s homes have sprouted up to take care of this group. Charities have build children’s homes where they can provide food, clothing and shelter to the children.

Although the basic needs for any child in any country are food, water and shelter, helping with the knowledge to understand the use of their own resources can lead to phenomenal growth. But such expansion, like everything, requires financial boosting too. To do this, it has to be resourced from elsewhere.

When people hear the word charity, they tend to presume this relates to feeding the poor or sheltering the homeless. International charities are not limited to just feeding or housing schemes. They can be suppliers of educational materials, agricultural equipment or infrastructure support. Every day when we look around we see the destitute children living in morally haphazard situations. Children all over the world, especially in the third world countries, are forced to relinquish their education to work in flower farms because they don’t have what they need to eat at the end of the day. In fact, the worst scenario is displayed in shanties with households infected with the HIV/Aids pandemics because either the children are orphaned, or their parents are too weak to provide as a result of illness. This is where Charities help.

Looking at social needs charities from the medical perspective; access to medical care for the poor child is a luxury.

Meeting important health and medication needs is a lifeline for the global most delicate population; children. This is why organizations such as compassion have come up with a variety of charities to address this challenge. Children who are born with medical complications or the seek needs to be taken care of.

Severe medical conditions like heart disease, cancer, and fatal injuries afflict children in various ways. Talk about immunizations, we should always make sure that children have access to a stronger immune system that has the capability to fight diseases and other infections. In the children’s deprived state, assistance toward medical orientation can mean the difference between life and death.


Lastly in our review, but not least, are charities transitioning the child to a youth. This is one of the charities for children under social needs that provide a rapidly growing youth program. It guides and strongly encourages children and teenagers to enhance the value of caring and compassion through volunteering. This is one of the many good charities for children out there that you can choose to give back your blessings to. It is important that you choose the right charity to which you shall give out some of your blessings in order to ensure your purpose will not be futile.

The Children’s Social Charity Works

The types of charity works that are available are varied, and many of them could be the perfect for someone that likes to help children get out of bad spots. The available charity works are today becoming more abundant. You can choose a charity work depending on your target goal.

First, you can provide administrative support to the social needs charities. You might check children’s information to make sure they qualify for help, or you might be the one in charge of getting the donations. Know that many large companies and businesses donate to these types of causes.

Assorted types of children teaching and vacations may also be another charity opportunity you might be interested in doing. Many global charities provide materials and learning aids for children especially with regards to social issues such as morality and sex education. Some charitable groups helps these children towards this.

These are just to mention but the children needs are diverse, and therefore children’s needs charity works are many. You can choose many from this broad spectrum. You can decide to give immunizations if you have the capacity, to cook for them, to laundry their clothing, provide security among many more you can enlist.

Getting involved in Children’s social needs charities

Before you engage in any charity providing for social needs for the children decide on what you want to achieve. It will enable you to have the right organization in mind you need to partner with. As we have noted, charity organizations for social needs are numerous but their specific goals are what matters. Therefore decide today if you want to contribute for basic needs, health needs or educational needs. All goes a long way to giving hope the child.

Naturally you can contribute monies if you have substantial wealth. You can also give donations in the form of providing knowledge skills needed for social programs already in place. These are usually funded by the corporate through their donation schemes. All forms of help are greatly appreciated, and nothing goes to waste.

I want to challenge you to begin from your neighborhood and check such a similar situation, go next to your nation before you broaden up to the limelight of the world. Doing that, you will soon realize that you need to be part of a charity.

Make sure you do your research. Find a charity that is going to meet your needs, one that you can give your time and efforts to but one that will also give you much gratitude in return. Your donations support, and contributions will go so far when you finally find a charity. Keep your focus and goal in mind and the benefits will be more than you imagined. You need to be careful not to become a victim of bogus foundations and charities. It would help to do some research before you shall decide to give out any kind of donation to any charities for children.



World Vision International

International Dove World Vision International

I like traveling to different parts of the world for pleasure. But last week as I was visiting my friend’s residence.

I almost shed tears for what my friend and I learnt.

A young street boy had stayed for a whole day without taking anything and was almost starving. As we were seated the boy came close to us. He told us that he was homeless and an orphan too. From the look, the boy needed help. We bought the boy some food and later raised his case with the World Vision International which helps needy people in our communities. Started in 1950s, World Vision International was originally known as World Vision Inc. It only worked in the United States but later in 1966 it spread its wings to other countries.

The president of the World Vision, Walter Stanley Mooney ham, founded the World Vision International in the year 1977. He served as the president until he resigned in 1982 due to criticism. The headquarters of the World Vision International are located in Monrovia, California. E D Dayton established the Mission Advanced Research and Communication Centre (MARC) in 1967 as a division of the World Vision International. This helped in world evangelization whereby a lot of information was then collected and published. This information was about “Unreached people’’ and “Mission handbook’’. From all these, World Vision decided to promote self reliance by ensuring that people from different communities acquire different agricultural skills i.e. they were trained on how to make small farms so as to greatly help these communities.

Good health has also been promoted by this organization whereby clean water storages have been installed and water pumped to different communities’ localities. Many people from this organization have still volunteered to teach these communities on how they can still use the same fresh water for productive purposes so as to earn their living i.e. by teaching them farming methods and irrigation.

In different countries e.g. Uganda, many children are dying in great numbers due to HIV/AIDS. In Roman many children are being neglected by their parents, and in Somalia many are dying due to civil wars. This led to World Vision International to decide to help these children by adhering to the following solutions:

  1. Giving extensive education to different communities so as to be able to protect themselves from contradicting the disease.
  2. Helping those affected by civil wars by joining United Nations for peace keeping preventing massive deaths.
  3. The World Vision International also decided to restrict the land mines which had left many communities landless hence sustaining many families.

World Vision having over 981 million dollars has emerged to be the 11th largest charity as from December 2014 according to Forbes magazine. Nancy Dornan through her charity, Network TwentyOne Inc. has greatly contributed to the funding of the World Vision International. Her charity has been the World Vision largest corporate sponsor. The charity’s philanthropic arm, Network of Caring, in partnership with World Vision International helps in children sponsorship.

Organizational structure

World Vision is partnership is now an interdependent office with three different levels of control. These are:

  1. National offices-these offices hosts the branch of the main organization and they are strongly headed by the World Vision International
  2. Intermediate stage national offices-these offices have different board of directors for management purposes under the World Vision International.
  3. Independently national registered offices-following the covenant of the partnership, these offices make internal decisions in co-ordination with the World Vision International.

Team_World_Vision_Chicago_2007 international dove

All members of the World Vision International must sign a covenant of partnership. Then, they must adhere to the policies and decisions made by the international board. They must also not make their own decisions and programs without consulting the World Vision International and the host country except in founding projects. These founding projects are then to be submitted through the World Vision International for budget. International board accepts the budget then examination of the national offices is done by the partnership representatives.

All national offices and their boards are headed by the president of the World Vision International. The partnership offices which are situated in different areas are usually involved in co-ordination, decision-making and representing the World Vision in the international arena. Decisions from each office must be considered. The international board of directors meets two times every year to prepare plans and budget. The current chairperson of charity is Denis St. Armour of Canada while Kelvin J Jenkins is the president.


World vision International emerges from a very solid Christian background. They include people from all parts of the world saying that a Christian can be from any culture. They therefore respect other people’s culture being committed to transformational work only attending services daily and weekly.

Activities and Philosophy

In co-ordination with other organizations e.g. UNSECO, UN agencies like UNCEF, WHO, UNCHR and ILO many activities have been funded all over the world. Its main aim is to help people make their own developments by enabling them utilize the few resources within them carefully e.g. in health care, water projects and education. It also works in eliminating poverty by ensuring that people realize their abilities and use them properly to work for change. The World Vision International also encourages people to live peacefully by solving conflicts within themselves and understanding their rights. It also encourages people to join their efforts with media so as to acquire enough education on the causes of poverty and create awareness about other people’s needs. People are also encouraged to send crews and videographers to some of the hostile areas for more information. This will greatly help in terminating poverty, civil wars, negligence and abuse e.g. in 2015 the World Vision International has fully participated in ending many calamities.

Child sponsorshipWorldvision_muac international dove

Many needy children, families and communities are greatly benefitting the World Vision International e.g. by getting clean water, better education, proper sanitation, improved health care, nutrition and other developments. World Vision International has changed children’s lives a big deal. As a member of any community what impacts have ever had from World Vision International?

Marie Stopes International


Marie Stopes International

Many times there have been rampant school drop-outs in various parts of the world. This has greatly affected the girl child due to unplanned early pregnancies and finally leading to death hence population decrease. Unplanned pregnancies with married women have made many women get children by chance making them to leave their jobs hence living miserable lives. This happens because many women all over the world are not able to access contraceptives though they may want to use them therefore the results becomes devastating.

Due to lack of contraceptives the chances of unwanted pregnancies are increasing day by day. And this has greatly resulted to unsafe abortions all over the world. As a result, a massive death of women is experienced every year. If contraceptives were easily accessed, the cases of unwanted pregnancies and deaths could have been prevented. But women and girls should not worry since Marie Stopes International has tried its best to bring quality family planning programs to ensure that deaths caused unintended pregnancies cease. Marie Stopes International has tried to save the lives of many women everyday. They have been providing modern contraceptives, post abortion care and ensuring that safe abortions are conducted. This has happened for over thirty years in thirty seven years.

Started as Marie Stopes Foundation, it became bankrupt in 1975 and taken over by Tim Black who rebranded it Marie Stopes International in 1976. It ensures that we live in a world where every birth is wanted. This has greatly been achieved by operating a social business model which is consumer-centered for reproductive health and other services. In some countries, the work of the Marie Stopes International generates a lot of profit which is used in the improvement of health care services.

How it works

In offering its services, Marie Stopes International employs different methods in order to reach the target group of people. The most common methods are:

  1. By operating many centers

It runs many centers worldwide. These centers are equipped with quality health services. Therefore many women are to access better services with ease. In 2003, many women were able to carry out safe abortions by the help of Marie Stopes International. This was due to construction of 600 centers in thirty seven countries which benefitted many women. Post abortion care and family planning methods are also offered.

  1. Mobile outreach

Many mobile teams provide services in rural areas and poor settings to make sure that they provide family planning choices to women. It also happens in urban slums due to lack of health facilities. In 2013 they visited many slums and remote areas.

  1. Social marketing

Marie Stopes International distributes free condoms, pills and other contraceptives to health centers and to private hospitals at a low cost. Sometimes, some responsible members of the society are empowered to provide education to the public on how to use these products. They also do guidance and counseling. This benefits men and women who rarely visit health facilities. In 2012, 2 million people were provided with family planning services through social channels.

  1. Social franchising

Marie Stopes International provides social networks by ensuring that people who visit private health facilities get quality education of reproductive health services. They also educate mid-wives on how to provide better services.

  1. Health systems strengthening

Marie Stopes International works in partnership with public and private sectors so as to each country easily. It offers some countries services which they cannot offer to their people and supplement other countries’ existing services. They also train governmental health workers so as to give them support. In corporation with private health centers, they provide quality training for expansion of quality family planning and safe abortion services. The family planning services offered includes use of condoms, contraceptive pills, implants and intra-uterine devices, and other permanent methods such as tubal ligation vasectomy.Marie stopes international video


The impacts of Marie Stopes International are hugely noticeable and felt. It works to its best to provide services to many people. They also make sure that women get the right contraceptives to avoid unplanned pregnancies. They usually make sure that women get not only family planning methods but they use the ones which best suits their conditions of health. In 2011, Marie Stopes International reached more people than ever before making difference to the lives of many women who accessed the information, services and their products. Research shows that a big number of girls between the ages of fifteen and nineteen years die every year due to unsafe abortions . This usually results to orphanage. By use of the right contraceptive these lives could be saved.

Case studies

In 3rd Dec 2014, people with disabilities were educated on their sexual and reproductive health needs. Marie Stopes International working with the vision

“A world in which every birth every birth is wanted’’ and the mission “Children by choice, not chance’’

is trusted by many people i.e. the poor and vulnerable women for it provides them with quality sexual and reproductive health care including giving the right contraceptives, safe abortions, and providing care to both the mother and the new born in many countries all over the world.

Through Marie Stopes International, many women are able to access different services and make their own decisions about sexual and reproductive health.

Marie Stopes International is in many places across the globe. You can find MSI in these following countries including but not limited to:

  • India
  • South Africa
  • Cambodia
  • Romania
  • Uganda
  • Australia
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Northern Ireland
  • Bolivia
  • Nepal
  • Mexico

By providing high quality services, Marie Stopes International is needed and trusted by many for it prevents unnecessary deaths. As members of different countries, we need to support the works of Marie Stopes International. Income from its clinics is used in expanding their services.

Marie Stopes International carries out sensitization and awareness campaigns round the year in almost all the countries. It organizes and holds free medical camps for women and girls. They offer free screening of reproductive organs to women and girls. Through its different people from different backgrounds, ethnicity and color are able to raise health and sustainable families. Thanks to its organization and administration. What positive impacts of Marie Stopes International have you witnessed in your locality?

AMREF Health Africa

Amref Health Africa logo international dove

AMREF Health Africa

Many women in most African countries have been dying due to the cases of complicated deliveries as a result of absence of doctors or government employed mid-wives. These cases have been on the rise but the Africa Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF) which is a non-governmental organization has put up measures to prevent these cases of deaths.

AMREF has emerged to be the best research organization implementing its projects through country programs in many countries. It also offers support and training to many countries so as to ensure that everybody the right to good health. It implements many learning projects in order to share their knowledge for health changes. AMREF has emerged to be African leader in the training of community health workers which helping in poverty eradication hence changing people’s lives.

AMREF was founded in 1957. It was founded by three surgeons as the “Flying Doctors Service of East Africa”. These three surgeons were:

  1. Sir Michael Wood
  2. Sir Archibald Mclndoe
  3. Tom Rees

These founders were providing medical assistance in most of the remote regions of East Africa. The three had worked as surgeons for many years and they finally decided to combine their efforts so as to fight poverty, diseases and provide adequate health services in East Africa.


During the foundation of AMREF medical facilities were sparse. This was contributed by poor roads which made it difficult for people in rural and remote areas to access health services. There was one doctor to attend to 30,000 people in East Africa. Since majority of the population lived in rural areas, the surgeons saw that an air-based service as the only way to deliver health services. They built mission hospitals and provided surgical services. They also developed medical radio network for better communication. In Kajiando and Narok districts of Kenya ground based mobile medical services were added. This happened in 1960s. Training and education for rural health workers was also conducted in 1975. Health learning materials were developed.

In 1980s, AMREF Health Africa workers in collaboration with ministers of health and co-operation with national aid agencies moved into community health development. Their main aim was to strengthen staff development and health systems paying special attention to the communities’ health needs. In 1990s, AMREF Health Africa workers expanded their work to include disease control e.g. TB, HIV/AIDS and malaria since these diseases had become a burden to must of the poor African countries. Recently, AMREF Health Africa has discovered that many Africans still have limited access to quality and sufficient health care despite huge investments by donors.

AMREF Health Africa’s workAMREF Health Africa International Dove

AMREF Health Africa has improved access health services by providing quality and affordable health care to those in need. Through community education AMREF Health Africa has greatly improved healthy of many communities. It ensures that the products they give to governments and African communities are sustainable and relevant. Their clinical officers have a very broad training in medicine unlike nurses and other health professional workers who only perform specific duties. Their work includes:

  1. Improving communities’ health- AMREF Health Africa ensures that communities lead healthy lives. AMREF mostly works with people living in urban shanties, poor neighborhoods, remote areas and areas affected by conflicts.
  2. Fighting diseases- AMREF Health Africa tries to find the appropriate solutions to the health needs of the local communities. They still treat almost all types of diseases.
  3. Training health workers- it is training many health workers in many African countries and beyond. Through this training, AMREF is strengthening many health related institutions since health services cannot be delivered without motivation, skills and sufficient health personnel. In order to achieve Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) for health Africa, one more million health workers are needed.
  4. Strengthening health systems- since health care cost is increasing everyday; many people have limited access to good health care. This mostly affects communities living in rural and remote areas. Diseases like TB, HIV/AIDS and malaria are bringing devastating effects. Therefore, AMREF Health Africa is building health facilities and improving the existing ones in those areas.

Advocacy and Research

The provision of health services alone cannot achieve long term improvements in health. Therefore, AMREF Health Africa encourages those in power to properly serve the needs of the poor. AMREF Health Africa having great experience in working in most marginalized and poor communities has learnt a great deal. Therefore, it uses this knowledge to influence, inform and advocate for changes.

Young Fabian Partnership

AMREF Health Africa entered into partnership with a special interest group known as Young Fabian Health Network. This partnership was entered in May 2013 and expired a year later.


AMREF Health Africa having done a lot of research has shown that solutions based on science can address many problems in the world. Due to its good work, AMREF Health Africa has received several awards which include:

  1. Gates Award for Global Health-2005

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation established this award which was worth one million dollars in the year 2000. This award is given to organizations annually for having made a major and lasting contribution in the field of health.

  1. Medical Honors Award-2004

AMREF Health Africa having saved many lives and improved health of many people in Africa for many years, Discovered Health Channel, decided to award it the Medical Honors Award in 2004.

  1. Conrad Hilton Humanitarian Award-1999

This humanitarian prize was established by Conrad N. Hilton in 1996. $1.5 million are awarded to any non-governmental organization which has ever made any contribution anywhere in the world to stop human suffering. This award honors tireless commitment of AMREF Health Africa to bring health care services to rural and most remote areas all over the world.

AMREF Health Africa has emerged to be the Africa’s leading health development organization offering quality health care to the poorest communities living in remote rural areas.

As members of African countries, whether from remote or non-remote areas, poor or rich, we should support AMREF Health Africa. Through this support, it will be able to work effectively saving many lives.

American Red Cross

ARC_Logo International DoveAmerican Red Cross

I am a Red Cross blood donor and I won’t be tired to donate blood. I started donating blood when I was nineteen years old while in high school. When I was pursuing my college education I again donated blood.

Since that time, I continue to donate blood two to three times per year. Because of my blood type, I usually do a double donation.

I feel good when donating blood since I am able to save people’s lives every day and I feel like a great person.

Benefits of donating blood are:

  1. One feels great to donate
  2. One gets free juice and goodies
  3. One becomes a hero by saving one’s life with just a donation

To save more lives the American Red Cross also known as the American National Red Cross, which is a humanitarian organization has provided a lot of assistance, relieved many disasters and provided education in United States.

Besides all these, the American Red Cross has provides other services in many areas e.g. establishing community services to help the needy, improving communication services and establishing educational programs to educate people about their healthy and safety.

American Red Cross has its headquarters in Washington D.C. Bonnie McElveen Hunter being the chairman of the board of governors is now serving her second three-year term. Gail J. McGovern is the current chief executive and still the president. Clara Barton founded the American Red Cross on May 21, 1881 and he was the first president of the organization. During major disasters Clara Barton did many personal changes though she was unable to succeed. In 1904, she was replaced by Mabel Thorp Boardman who was a male professional social work expert. He made many successful reforms. He also consulted widely which made his work more successful.

red cross armed forces


The American Red Cross is a humanitarian organization which works worldwide. It has saved many lives and also prepared people to respond to medical emergencies. Many Red Cross volunteers and employees are doing their best to train people on how to acquire the needed medical skills. The Red Cross being the largest supplier of blood and blood products to many hospitals in the world, it has helped save many lives. They are also helping victims of international conflicts and disasters.

Blood services

  1. Blood donation

A large percentage of donated blood is supplied by the American Red Cross in United States which is then sold directly to different hospitals and other regional suppliers. Many hospitals are also supplied with a lot of blood from the community based blood centers. The American Red Cross finished their largest blood facility in U.S in Dec 2004.

  1. Tissue services

For many years, allograft tissue for transplant has been provided by the American Red Cross through sales in different tissue programs. Many donor families who gave the gifts of tissue donation were highly catered for. They donated tissues to many recipients in need of life saving. This tissue service program can to an end in January 2005. It was ended by American Red Cross with an intention of focusing on blood services and disaster relief.

  1. Plasma services

The American Red Cross provides most of the nation’s plasma products. These plasma products are provided at effective costs. These plasma products are also safe and reliable. In 1999, the Red Cross established a new management structure i.e. Baxter Biosciences instead of plasma services industry. These Baxter Biosciences usually contain plasma for the manufacturing of plasma projects.

Nucleic Acid Testing (NAT)

The American Red Cross was the first charity organization to implement Nucleic Acid Testing (NAT) study. This testing is very unique for it checks for the greatest material HIV and hepatitis C (HCV). HIV and HCV test detects the generic material of transfusion-transmitted virus e.g. HIV without waiting for the body to form its antibodies which is a very great advantage.


People’s white blood cells are able to fight viruses, bacteria and abnormal cells to prevent diseases. When leukocytes are transfused to another person they do not work, instead complications occur and the blood dies out. To improve patient care, the Red Cross is moving towards system-wide universal pre-storage leukocyte reduction. The America Red Cross uses millions of money in laboratory research.

Healthy and safety services

The American Red Cross offers first aid, water safety, life guarding and disaster preparedness services. These training programs are aimed at work persons, aquatic facilities and lady persons.

Disaster services

The American Red Cross responds to many disasters each year e.g. earthquakes, house fires, explosions and accidents. The charity aims at meeting people’s immediate emergency disasters caused needs. Once a disaster strikes, they provide victims with food, healthy services and shelter. They also help people to go back to their daily activities.

Disaster services workforceRed cross international dove

The disaster service workforce enrolls volunteers according to their abilities to serve in the American Red Cross.

This is a very rewarding part of serving with the Red Cross. It is a heart warming thing to be able to touch the lives of those in need!

National Response Framework

The American Red Cross provides food to the victims of disasters, gives them houses to live in and also provides them with other types of emergency relief to disasters.

International services

The American Red Cross mobilizes and educates communities to overcome life threatening vulnerabilities. It is involved with many international projects e.g. malaria and measles programs. The American Red Cross provides many other services e.g. proper sanitation, disaster preparedness, health services and livelihood developments.

Services offered to the armed forces

The united military states are provided with emergency and non-emergency services by the American Red Cross. Families can contact the American Red Cross and be provided with family messages e.g. new birth or death in the family. Prisoners of war are not helped by the American Red Cross.

International tracing requests

The international tracing requests are handled by the American Red Cross. They mainly bring together families separated by wars and disasters by locating their relatives world wide. The American Red Cross does this by exchanging hand written messages between individuals and their relatives who might have been prisoner of war or refugees.

As a member of any society, are you willing to donate blood to the American Red Cross and become a hero by just donating blood?

You can contact the American Red Cross here to join in the movement and donate blood today!

Action Aid

Action Aid

Have you ever visited most of the rural homes in most African countries? On various occasions I am lucky to pay them a visit for different reasons. When you visit most of the families you realize that many children have dropped out of school due to poverty. And moved to different urban centers to seek for employment to be able to cater for their needs and support their parents and siblings. Most of them are not lucky enough to secure any form of employment and still lack skills and abilities. This leads to most of them choosing to be street children, thieves, and others are practicing prostitution.

But nowadays these issues are rarely witnesses since the formation of a non-governmental organization known as Action Aid in 1972. This organization was founded by Jackson-Cole its main aim being eliminating poverty and other injustices all over the world. It was founded by eighty eight UK sponsors with an aim of providing children with better education. Therefore, eighty eight children were sponsored by eighty eight UK sponsors hence ensuring these children get the required education. Action Aid work with many local partners in many countries their main aim being to help the poor and disadvantaged people all over the world. It has its head office situated in South Africa.

action aid international dove

International reach

Action Aid works with many countries in Africa whereby it is organized on regional bases which are managed in different parts of the world with its international secretariat located in South Africa. There are Action Aid offices found in different regions for better management of their work but campaigns and fundraising events are in UK and US offices in Washington DC.

Action Aid works

Action Aid being a non-governmental organization has changed from a child sponsorship British charity to an international coalition enabling it to fight poverty largely across the whole world. It has played a role in helping in helping the poor from different communities to recognize and secure their basic rights. This has led to a great development within them. For Action Aid to work effectively and achieve its goals it puts its support in the following areas:

  1. Rights of the women
  2. Better education
  3. Food availability
  4. Democratic governance
  5. Conflicts
  6. Change of climate
  7. The youth

Recently it still puts its efforts in tax power i.e. preventing big business taxes but encouraging continuous governmental usage of the subsequent revenue. And also land for, main aim being to support people’s land from being grabbed by government and other big businesses and companies.

For over thirty years the Action Aid has greatly tried to fight poverty in different countries over the world. This has been happening without any political affiliations. Action Aid has been advocating for equality where all people irrespective of their status quo should be treated equally by governments, companies and other institutions.

In poverty elimination, Action Aid has partnered with different community leaders to try and eliminate poverty within them. It provides these communities with different facilities such as heath centers for better health care, water systems and wells for clean water. Communities have greatly benefited from such facilities.

Organizational themes

Action Aid advocates for the following:

  1. Women rights
  2. Right to education
  3. Right to food security
  4. Right to human security
  5. Right to just and democratic governance

Organizational values

Action Aid focuses on the following values:

  1. Mutual respect- this involves respecting all people irrespective of their cultures and all social standings.
  2. Equality and Justice- requires people to treat others equally irrespective of gender, age, color, ethnicity, HIV status, religion, class and location.
  3. Honesty and Transparency- accountability and transparency are greatly valued by the Action Aid for proper running of the organization.
  4. Solidarity with the poor- this has greatly helped in poverty reduction. It gives the poor relief food and start for them projects to sustain their livelihoods.
  5. Courage of conviction- requires Action Aid to work without fear for better achievements and also to be more creative and innovative to be able to fight poverty.
  6. Independence- Action Aid should not be involved in any affliction with religion or political party.
  7. Humility- Action Aid is known to be an organization that has greatly tried to fight poverty.

Women’s rights

Action Aid put more emphasizes on protecting the rights of women and treating with equally which greatly help in empowering them. The main aim of the Action Aid is to make sure that better lead better lives without stigma and participate in their own decision making so as to shape their destiny. They still wish to see that women get better education as their counterparts, men. The rights of the learners are to be promoted. This will help in ensuring that both genders respect women’s rights. Women have right to life and dignity in the face of HIV/AIDS and therefore should be given free treatment and care including girls. They are also entitled to right to just and democratic governance. Women, the poor and the excluded people should be given chance to make their own decisions and give their views in different issues i.e. politics. Women still have right to human security in conflicts and emergencies. They should be protected from any kind of torture during any conflicts or disasters.

Strategic priorities

Action Aid pays attention to four main priorities. These are:

  1. To protect women and girls against violence- this has enabled the Action Aid to fight for laws which ensures that women’s and girls’ rights are protected.
  2. Increasing attention and action on women’s rights in connection to HIV/AIDS- this has greatly created awareness to people about HIV/AIDS. Action Aid has set laws protecting the rights of women and girls against with HIV/AIDS.
  3. Contribution to higher recognition, realization and protection of women’s land rights- Action Aid has set laws protecting women’s land rights. It also creates awareness to women about their land rights.
  4. Enhancing women’s participation in politics- Action Aid has greatly created awareness about women’s leadership. It has also set laws ensuring that women can participate freely in politics.

With charities like Action Aid, women and girls have a bright future. We should encourage women and girls to participate in Action Aid initiatives.

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Charity Work Across the World

Charity Work Across The World

We all believe that it is always better to give than to receive. This is not just a phrase, but there are proofs of this fact too. When one gives without any intention then it in itself is a reward and has a lot of benefits too. We all would love to provide the poor people with the basic necessities of life, but we are deprived of time and money. The fact is that even if we had all the required resources still we would be so tied up with our own issues that we won’t be able to support other deprived people.

International Dove Charities

There are plenty of charities that will use your money to make the life of someone else better. And you only have to donate as much as you feel comfortable donating so that you never have to feel pressured if you are donating to a worthy charity. Doing this, you can either choose to donate to an international charity organization or national charity organizations. Also, you can devote your time towards a noble charity work abroad.

There are two broad categories of charitable institutions; Global charities and National charities. The duo provides wide range of charitable assistance’s to the people and the communities depending on the needs of the particular scope. The distinction is their level of action source of funding and scope of operations.International Dove Global charities

Global Charities

Global charities are run by internationally established organizations. The fascinating fact about international charitable organizations is their reliance on a donor like you and me; contributing in both large scale, medium and small amounts in terms of money and provision of manpower through volunteer work. Global charitable organizations donate towards different causes depending on the objective of the giver and the situation at hand. Such causes are numerous; the list will never be exhaustive. The different global charities include:

The Children’s Social Needs Charity

The global number one charity receivers in the world are the children. Children’s needs are diverse ranging from educational needs to social and health needs on a broad spectrum. Socially, if we look at this picture with a global perspective, then we may realize that there are more than thousands of destitute children who live in the third world countries in moral hazard condition. We can always spot the poor children working, cleaning utensils peddling with small goodies or simply begging to earn a living. Most often they resort to anti-social activities like stealing that may further lead to committing other bigger crimes.

Children’s Opportunity Charity

Innocent children throughout the world need the help of those more fortunate, and they are surely the most deserving of such help. This particular charity seeks funds to be used to help children all over the world to have opportunities that they otherwise would not have had and also uses funds to aid children and their families in disaster situations. Donors also have the opportunity to sponsor a specific child that they can keep in contact with and follow them through their journeys. Innocent children throughout the world need the help of those more fortunate, and they are the surely the most deserving of such help.

Chronic Diseases and Health Charities

Illness afflicts all people at all levels be it adults or children. Most charitable organizations contribute towards eradication and control of the recent epidemic, Malaria, Cancer and HIV/Aids. Several third world countries still reel under the evils of Malaria. About half a billion people are affected every year, and more than a million succumb because they don’t have access to the right treatment. Children and pregnant mothers are the most vulnerable victims of malaria. With the proper amount of money and care, the number of deaths can be brought down significantly, but that needs your help. Several Islamic Charities are doing everything they can to provide necessary medical care, but a lot more remains to be done.

Malnutrition CharitiesInternational Dove Malnutrion Charities

In many third world countries, malnutrition prevalence rates are very high. It takes more lives than you can imagine. It is very difficult to imagine that there are people so poor in this world that they cannot afford enough to eat two square meals each day. Even if somehow they manage enough food, they fail to include proper ingredient and minerals in their diets. It is far more difficult for the impoverished to include fruits and vegetables in their diet, and this is where organizations such as GAIN come into the scene.

Ecological preservation Charity

Ecological preservation is the key to poverty reduction. It is one of the ways through which we can be able to save the best for tomorrow. It ensures that human do not exploit nature but sustain it. Contributing towards ecological preservation is a kind charity that is all about peaceful coexistence with nature. Wildlife preservation, natural resources such as water bodies, and threes among others require such contributions. It is noted, however, that this area of charity has received very little attention in terms of contributions.

Poverty Reduction and Alleviation Charities

Finally on the global realm there are other charitable bodies that are contributing towards the reduction or even complete alleviation of poverty. Oxfam is one of those bodies that deal with more than one aspect of poverty, conflict, natural disasters and the impacts of climate change not to mention several others. They have been behind several acts of remarkable charity including those that have been praised internationally for helping homeless women throughout developing nations and in war-torn nations in the Middle East.

National Charities

Apart from international charities, local or national charities also exist. National charities, usually, are funded by the federal government and the individuals in general. Before reaching out to others, it is always better to remember that charity begins at home. By charity beginning at home, it means that the deserving children, the sick mother, and the sick father receive aid from the people who are their neighbors. For instance, the national charity organizations should always seek to contribute to the child education. These children will receive help from people that are concerned about education and giving young people the chance to shine and excel with needed courses and equipment that most school children are taking for granted.

Like global charities, national charities are run by different organizations who have different intentions of what to give back to the society. These are NGOs who are usually funded by the government, donors, and other well-wishers. They offer similar support and services like the international charitable institutions. The only distinction is the scale and the scope of action.

National Charities for Children’s Aid

Closer to home there are children in the inner cities and poorer neighborhoods that need help. Children that are caught in the upheaval of urban warfare caused by gang violence and intolerance are attending public schools. The learning environments in these public schools are threatened by the lack of public funding to provide proper up to date textbooks and teaching aids. Where transportation is an issue and budgets have been slashed children have no hope for field trips to museums or extracurricular activities that enhance the learning of a student and broaden the horizon for impoverished children to one day move on to college and have a chance at improving their socioeconomic status.

Charities for Classroom Construction

Some of the charitable contributions offered by local NGOs are the construction of classrooms for the pupils. You will find that in many third world countries classrooms are either scarce or are not conducive to study in. These charitable institutions also contribute towards the provision of learning resources. Therefore contributing towards this agenda is generally enhancing access to education to the less endowed society. Changing education is changing the life of that particular community.

International Dove Classroom Charity

Community Development

National NGOs aid in community development by imparting entrepreneurial skills to the members of the society, providing monetary capital and capacity building. These local NGOs usually undertake training for a particular area and makes follow up for economic progress in that area. Also, spending time with the youth, teaching them survival techniques and empowering them is an invaluable non-monetary charity. You can provide important linkages for employment to the youth discuss versatile economic issues and help them to build courage as they pursue their dreams. This is all about community development starting from an upright youth to an upright adult.

Anti-human trafficking charities

In areas where kidnapping is rampant some people also provide charities for security reconstruction in such areas including educating children and giving protection to avoid kidnapping. You can also contribute to national anti trafficking laws. Charitable institutions will want to see the nation stick to human anti-trafficking laws. There is no one particular nation in the globe that does not face the threat of terror through such activities as kidnapping. Therefore, contributing to a safe and socially sound society either materially, financially and by service is appreciable.

Chronic Disease/Health Charities

There are various health situations that we do not need international aid to see us through. Being charitable in contributing to community health is quite paramount to all of us. Chronic disease such as malaria, cancer and HIV/Aids and health campaigns are also conducted by national charity institutions. I have seen some charitable organizations facilitating livelihoods by conducting anti-HIV/Aids campaigns. Notwithstanding, they also provide due care, support and counseling services for the infected. You can contribute money to purchase anti-cancer kits for the community or even train them on the crucial matters of diet preparation and storage.

Charities for enhancing opportunities for children and the youth

It is through charitable contributions to specific funding organizations that allow donors to choose where and for what purpose their contributions will be used. The children and the youth will have a greater chance of changing their world and potentially affecting many other lives. They are given the opportunity to reach their full potential and make a difference in the lives of all those that surround them. Do not overlook the children or the youth that are here in favor of those overseas, but by donating to causes that are close to home in addition to those that are thousands of miles away the world will become a better place.

Charity Work Abroad

As seen above, there are various ways you can be charitable to the society. There are many global and national charity organizations which can provide a platform for you to engage yourself in charity work. It is good to decide on the objective you want to achieve before you plunge on international charity practice. You can take choices from the various charities discussed in this review. For instance, you can choose to deal with the children’s needs in third world countries like Africa among others.

It has never been more important to get involved in charities because the people involved with them will appreciate your help. You can contribute to the charities as much or as little as you would like as there is no correct way to get involved. Helping others create a sense of belonging and well-being. Indeed, inner satisfaction can be derived by sacrificing your time and resources in helping the meek. This can give one a greater sense of purpose in life. Why a person donates may be different from one person to another. Each one may have his or her own reason to donate money to the needy but we believe there is one common thing that binds all donors together and that is the feeling deep within to reach out to help people with help.

Being a part of a charity is can be extremely rewarding. You can get many benefits from joining a charity such as tax breaks, networking, and most importantly the ability to change someone’s life for the better. There is nothing more rewarding then knowing that you have made a difference, especially when it comes to children.

You can find a variety of different charities, and you can contribute to these charities in many different ways. There are some organizations that will give you a free website to promote your cause, some that will give you marketing materials to find funds and people to give contributions to your cause. Each have their own way to raise contributions; you just have to find one that meets your needs and goals. If your not into raising money and asking people for donations then you can contribute your time or other resources to the charity. There are many different possibilities to help out your community or cause.

There are many resources out there that will allow consumers to find a wide range of charities from battling hunger, helping children, all the way to saving animals. It feels good to be able to give back to society by assisting the consumers with raising money for their charity. The consumer will feel empowered.

A local Afghani woman, from the Kuchi Tribe, located in the city of Gardez, Afghanistan, tries to comfort her daughter, as US Army (USA) Major (MAJ) Mary V. Krueger, 321st Civil Affair Battalion, gives the child an examination. MAJ Krueger is assigned to the Surgeon Cell, for the Combined Joint Civil Military Task Force (CJCMOTF), which operate an ambulatory clinic that provides vaccinations, acute and preventive medical care for members of the local Tribes.
A local Afghani woman, from the Kuchi Tribe, located in the city of Gardez, Afghanistan, tries to comfort her daughter, as US Army (USA) Major (MAJ) Mary V. Krueger, 321st Civil Affair Battalion, gives the child an examination. MAJ Krueger is assigned to the Surgeon Cell, for the Combined Joint Civil Military Task Force (CJCMOTF), which operate an ambulatory clinic that provides vaccinations, acute and preventive medical care for members of the local Tribes.

In conclusion, if you are looking to make a difference but don’t know how to get started make sure you do your research. Find a charity that is going to meet your needs, one that you can give your time and efforts to but one that will also give you much gratitude in return. Your donations, support, and contributions will go so far when you finally find a charity. Keep your focus and goal in mind and the benefits will be more than you imagined.