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Charities That Support Women Around the Globe

Organizations supporting women and encouraging equality and fairness in wages, in behavior, and with opportunities have spent years putting women’s rights at the forefront of their missions. In honor of International Women’s Day, held annually on March 8, we’ve made a list of organizations that are fueling this worldly change for the better. Take a look at these groups that are helping fight for what’s fair, regardless where women are in the world.


Since 2007, this group has been inspiring under-privileged women in Uganda by providing business training and access to microloans to help enable their professional independence. The group’s contributions have encouraged Ugandans, with five women affiliated with WGEF’s programs running for and winning political office in 2016.


The professional and personal consequences of reporting sexual harassment in the workplace have frequently made it hard for women to speak out. Fearing they’ll be ostracized, they stay quiet. On top of that, legal action can be pricey. Backed by the National Women’s Law Center, the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund seeks to offer legal assistance for women wanting to battle harassment in court. Just two months into their existence, organizers have fielded over 1600 requests from all across the globe, including the Kenya and Kuwait.


Model Christy Turlington Burns started this activist group that seeks to enhance medical care for mothers around the globe by training professionals, progressing transportation to care facilities, and giving critical supplies to clinics. The organization has coordinated grants that have enhanced mother mortality rates in Tanzania, India, and Haiti.


Persistent cultural traditions approve the practice of female genital cutting (FGC), which involves the removal of external female genitalia. Unnecessary, invasive, and risky, the tradition is being opposed by Orchid Project, which aims to stop the practice by passing out educational information in areas like Ethiopia.

Michelle's Love Charity

Michelle’s Love Provides Cleaning Service For Parents With Cancer

Since its beginnings in Phoenix, Arizona in 2005, Michelle’s Love has remained focused in its drive and purpose. Fueled by donations and volunteers, they provide practical care and support for single moms undergoing treatment for cancer. With meal preparation and cleaning services, this group helps to meet critical needs for the parents they serve.

Born Out of Loss

After watching her best friend, Michelle, battle the disease that ultimately claimed the young mom of four, Andy McCandless set out to make a difference for other women in the fight of their lives. Now expanded into Portland, Oregon, Michelle’s Love seeks to meet basic needs for the parents in their care so they can focus on treatment and getting well.

Cleaning Service, Rental Assistance, and Food Delivery

Once someone is accepted into the program, the organization pays their rent, cleans their home, and provides some meals for the family. Occasionally other needs arise for the parents that Michelle’s Love serves, such as car repairs or yard work. Whenever possible, the network of volunteers and supporters meet those needs too.

To qualify for assistance from Michelle’s Love, the recipient must be a single parent undergoing treatment for cancer. They must have been working at the time of their diagnosis, but they do not need to be working while receiving services. The organization is very focused in its mission and is careful to use its resources wisely to meet the specific needs of housing and meals.

How to Help

Michelle’s Love relies primarily on two fundraising events each year. During October each year, volunteers organize “Step Up Your LOVE” events in which they get sponsors for walking, running, or biking for their goal distances. In the spring each year is the organization’s “Share the Love” dinner and silent auction. This fun evening for couples is a fantastic way to support the group’s work and mission. The popular local eatery, The Buffalo Gap, hosts this incredible event each year.

The group is able to accomplish everything it does thanks to a vast corps of volunteers. They show up to make and deliver meals, clean homes, pull weeds, and pay the rent for the parents during their time in treatment. As one mom said, “I don’t know what I would have done without the love and constant giving of this organization.”

Parents the world over will forgo many things they want and even need in order to provide for their children. But when a parent undergoes treatment for cancer, they must be able to focus on their needs if they are going to heal. Many parents do not have the means to do this, however. They are trying to raise children by themselves and still somehow manage to make time for their own significant health needs. Things fall through the cracks. Michelle’s Love seeks to fill that gap for parents. In Michelle’s honor, this group serves tirelessly and lovingly so parents can heal.


Sharsheret is a not-for-profit, national organization assisting young Jewish women and their families in dealing with breast cancer. Our mission is to provide a community of support to women, of every Jewish background, diagnosed with breast cancer or at increased genetic risk, by nurturing culturally significant personal connections with networks of health professionals and peers.

Sharsheret knows and supports the complete spectrum of diversity within our communities. Sharsheret’s volunteers, staff, and leaders welcome all voices to be heard and treated with respect. Everyone who reaches out to Sharsheret, doesn’t matter their social or economic status, will not be turned away. They don’t discriminate based on color, political belief, ethnic origin, race, national origin, religion, gender, marital status, age, or sexual orientation.

In 2001, Sharsheret was established by Rochelle Shoretz, a Jewish mother with breast cancer. Part of a tight NJ Jewish community, many people offered to assist Rochelle with cooking and taking care of her children, such as taking them back and forth to after-school activities.

However, what she truly wanted was to talk with another young mother who could tell her sons about breast cancer and how it would affect her. How she would feel preparing for High Holidays while going through chemotherapy.

Rochelle’s grandmother had died of the disease and cancer was unmentionable and not talked about within her family. She soon found out it was talked about within the Jewish community either.

In 2015, Rochelle died from breast cancer, a disease for which she created a community of support for many. The Sharsheret community lost a founder, mentor, and leader. The Jewish world and the cancer world had lost a real champion of women and their families. Rochelle’s legacy is her children and an amazing organization that only she could have built. Her drive and passion will forever be the basis of Sharsheret.

Alpha House of Tampa

Who We Are

  • Founded in 1981, we are a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization
  • Alpha House of Tampa provides homeless pregnant women and mothers with young children safe housing and the things necessary in becoming self-sufficient, responsible parents.
  • We offer a temporary and safe to stay. We also help with employment, housing, as well as talking about the underlying problems that contributed to homelessness.
  • We give strength, hope, and vision for a better life.
  • We are thankful to our bighearted funders and community partners who make it possible to accomplish our goal.


Program Description: Alpha House of Tampa is a wide-ranging residential program assisting around 100 homeless pregnant and parenting women, as well as their children, every year in and their infants and children each year in 39 units of emergency shelter.

Mothers and pregnant women and mothers who are homeless or in danger of being homelessness are given safe housing and an assortment of support services while staying in the emergency shelter. Every mother partners with her case manager to link to community resources, create a plan to get permanent housing, get counseling, partake in healthy child development programs and parenting classes, and take advantage of employment and education opportunities. The campus is staffed 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

Program Services: Alpha House of Tampa offer topnotch services established in a client-centered model and crafted to fulfil our mission goals:

  • Healthy births
  • Increase each child’s developmental ability
  • Improve the mother’s capability in becoming and staying employed
  • Getting safe housing upon departing the program

Alpha House Academy

Alpha House Academy concentrates on life skills to aid in supporting mothers and their children. Classes given by Alpha House staff and partner agencies are job readiness, childbirth preparation, literacy, health, housing, self-esteem, and parenting.

Every mother and child deserves to life a fulfilled and safe life.

Marie Stopes International


Marie Stopes International

Many times there have been rampant school drop-outs in various parts of the world. This has greatly affected the girl child due to unplanned early pregnancies and finally leading to death hence population decrease. Unplanned pregnancies with married women have made many women get children by chance making them to leave their jobs hence living miserable lives. This happens because many women all over the world are not able to access contraceptives though they may want to use them therefore the results becomes devastating.

Due to lack of contraceptives the chances of unwanted pregnancies are increasing day by day. And this has greatly resulted to unsafe abortions all over the world. As a result, a massive death of women is experienced every year. If contraceptives were easily accessed, the cases of unwanted pregnancies and deaths could have been prevented. But women and girls should not worry since Marie Stopes International has tried its best to bring quality family planning programs to ensure that deaths caused unintended pregnancies cease. Marie Stopes International has tried to save the lives of many women everyday. They have been providing modern contraceptives, post abortion care and ensuring that safe abortions are conducted. This has happened for over thirty years in thirty seven years.

Started as Marie Stopes Foundation, it became bankrupt in 1975 and taken over by Tim Black who rebranded it Marie Stopes International in 1976. It ensures that we live in a world where every birth is wanted. This has greatly been achieved by operating a social business model which is consumer-centered for reproductive health and other services. In some countries, the work of the Marie Stopes International generates a lot of profit which is used in the improvement of health care services.

How it works

In offering its services, Marie Stopes International employs different methods in order to reach the target group of people. The most common methods are:

  1. By operating many centers

It runs many centers worldwide. These centers are equipped with quality health services. Therefore many women are to access better services with ease. In 2003, many women were able to carry out safe abortions by the help of Marie Stopes International. This was due to construction of 600 centers in thirty seven countries which benefitted many women. Post abortion care and family planning methods are also offered.

  1. Mobile outreach

Many mobile teams provide services in rural areas and poor settings to make sure that they provide family planning choices to women. It also happens in urban slums due to lack of health facilities. In 2013 they visited many slums and remote areas.

  1. Social marketing

Marie Stopes International distributes free condoms, pills and other contraceptives to health centers and to private hospitals at a low cost. Sometimes, some responsible members of the society are empowered to provide education to the public on how to use these products. They also do guidance and counseling. This benefits men and women who rarely visit health facilities. In 2012, 2 million people were provided with family planning services through social channels.

  1. Social franchising

Marie Stopes International provides social networks by ensuring that people who visit private health facilities get quality education of reproductive health services. They also educate mid-wives on how to provide better services.

  1. Health systems strengthening

Marie Stopes International works in partnership with public and private sectors so as to each country easily. It offers some countries services which they cannot offer to their people and supplement other countries’ existing services. They also train governmental health workers so as to give them support. In corporation with private health centers, they provide quality training for expansion of quality family planning and safe abortion services. The family planning services offered includes use of condoms, contraceptive pills, implants and intra-uterine devices, and other permanent methods such as tubal ligation vasectomy.Marie stopes international video


The impacts of Marie Stopes International are hugely noticeable and felt. It works to its best to provide services to many people. They also make sure that women get the right contraceptives to avoid unplanned pregnancies. They usually make sure that women get not only family planning methods but they use the ones which best suits their conditions of health. In 2011, Marie Stopes International reached more people than ever before making difference to the lives of many women who accessed the information, services and their products. Research shows that a big number of girls between the ages of fifteen and nineteen years die every year due to unsafe abortions . This usually results to orphanage. By use of the right contraceptive these lives could be saved.

Case studies

In 3rd Dec 2014, people with disabilities were educated on their sexual and reproductive health needs. Marie Stopes International working with the vision

“A world in which every birth every birth is wanted’’ and the mission “Children by choice, not chance’’

is trusted by many people i.e. the poor and vulnerable women for it provides them with quality sexual and reproductive health care including giving the right contraceptives, safe abortions, and providing care to both the mother and the new born in many countries all over the world.

Through Marie Stopes International, many women are able to access different services and make their own decisions about sexual and reproductive health.

Marie Stopes International is in many places across the globe. You can find MSI in these following countries including but not limited to:

  • India
  • South Africa
  • Cambodia
  • Romania
  • Uganda
  • Australia
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Northern Ireland
  • Bolivia
  • Nepal
  • Mexico

By providing high quality services, Marie Stopes International is needed and trusted by many for it prevents unnecessary deaths. As members of different countries, we need to support the works of Marie Stopes International. Income from its clinics is used in expanding their services.

Marie Stopes International carries out sensitization and awareness campaigns round the year in almost all the countries. It organizes and holds free medical camps for women and girls. They offer free screening of reproductive organs to women and girls. Through its different people from different backgrounds, ethnicity and color are able to raise health and sustainable families. Thanks to its organization and administration. What positive impacts of Marie Stopes International have you witnessed in your locality?